Boomerang (with free printable)


Have fun throwing a boomerang and watch it coming back to you. All you need is to print it on card stock or paper of about 240gsm. Or you can print out a regular paper, cut it and trace it on a cardboard. The back of foolscap paper works great!

Fold it along the dotted line and bend the edge (the stripe portion) up slightly. Then, you’re ready to try it. Hold the tip with your index finger and thumb, with the bend facing down, flick it at a slight angle upwards. Watch it fly and return to you., But, if it doesn’t, just like how a scientist should be, don’t give up! Keep working on the fold to get it work or adjust it how you throw it and try with different strength or angle.

Don’t forget to take a video put it up on FEST FB page. 🙂

Click on the image below to download the pdf file.