Little Engineers Playdate

FEST is finally ready for it’s first playdate! Discover the spirit of making and have fun with your little ones to create toys using recyclable materials.


Calling little engineers to join us on 19 Dec, Mon for a fun day to make cardboard city, toy cars, boomerangs and paper aeroplanes. Drop by anytime from 11am to 5pm at level 2 of Ova shop, located at 727 North Bridge Road.


Now, what to expect of FEST’s first playdate? Well, in line with FEST’s objective to promote family cohesiveness which incorporate Science learning, this is not the typical drop-off science enrichment programme. Instead, you get to explore with your little ones to create toys using recyclable materials such as water bottles, cereal boxes, papers, straw, chopsticks etc. So, don’t forget to bring some from home too!

Also, to ignite your senses and trigger investigative skills (and your children’s too), this will not be instructional approach too. You and your children get to be creative and decide how to make your own stuff. Samples and some instruction sheets will be provided, but really, if you want to do your own creation, by all means, please go ahead.

If you’re ready to build with us, RSVP now at our FB event page.