DIY Toy Cars

Crazy about cars? Why not make one on your own? Grab some recyclable items that can be found at home with some stationery and you’re good to go!

Some items that you can consider are CDs, milk cartons, cereal boxes, plastic bottles, chopsticks, straws, bottle caps and skewer sticks. So, you’ve got the stuff? Read on to find out how you can start making your own toy car!

My first attempt in making toy cars using plastic bottle and milk carton was using the tutorial from Wikihow. It provides clear pictures and detailed step, that you definitely can’t go wrong with.

Source: Wikihow

Here are some other ideas using other materials (with tutorials)…

Source: Make it at your library
Source: Almost unschoolers


Rubber-band powered car
You can tweak the toy cars by adding a rubber band. A clear video to make rubber band-powered car can be found here.


There’s also another full tutorial by Crafts by Amanda with clear images.

Source: Crafts by Amanda


Balloon-powered car
Instead of rubber band, you can add balloon instead. Watch how you can do so in the video here.


Source: Wonder How To


And hey, while you’re at it, why not make it into a race with your friends?

Source: Leo Kerner Elementary School

If all the above are still too difficult for you, lets just stick to Lego 😉

Source: Topinvehicles