10 Cactus craft for lesson on plant adaptations

Explore science concept of plant adaptation through cactus!

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Make one of these cactus craft and share ideas of its adaptation with your children. Most activities listed here are appropriate for those above 4 years old.

Some questions/pointers to introduce to children…

– Cacti are one of the common plants in desert
– Describe the conditions of desert (learning opportunities to expand vocabulary, eg hot, dry, arid, sandy)
– Challenges of desert climate (lack of water to support/sustain life)
– Describe a cactus (thick, fleshy stem, green stem, spines/thorns/thin and sharp leaves)
– Extend discussion with adaptation of desert animals, e.g camel

BBC KS3 Bitesize has a good resource to facilitate learning on this.

Which of these are you gonna make?

1. Painted rock cactus

Collect some pebbles and get down to painting them green with some patterns as the thorns.
Place them in pots with soil…

Source: Craft Berry Bush

or a pot containing smaller pebbles,

Source: El Nido De Mama Gallina

or cans of marbles..

Source: Think, Make, Share

Voila- the painted pebbles have been transformed into cactus!

2. Popsicle stick cactus

If you have spare popsicle sticks lying around, here are some ideas to make cactus from them.

Put them upright…

Source: Michaels

Or lay them flat…

Source: Glued to my crafts

3.  Hand-print cactus

Get your hand dirty, literally, with some hand-printed cactus.

Source: Clickacraft

4. Balloon cactus

Tape a few pieces of yellow and green balloons of different sizes together.

Source: Design Improvised

5. Toothpick

Toothpicks can be used to represent the spines. So, why not add toothpick to your drawing…

Source: Creativity Takes Flight

or to modge-painted Styrofoam ball…

Source: Modge Podge Rocks

6. Card-stitching cactus

Template provided by Handmade Charlotte with easy, simple stitch for the thorns of the cactus.

Source: Handmade Charlotte

7. Cactus pen-holder

Make your cactus for creative use, for example, as a pen holder.

Source: The Creative Pair

8. Paper craft cactus

Plenty of variations for paper craft cactus and with template provided. Cut, colour and fix them up. Easy peasy!

Template by The House that Lars Built with instructions here.

Source: The House that Lars Built

You can also get template from Good To Know with instructions here.

Source: Good to Know

Make spiny cactus with template and instructions from Vashechudo.

Source: Vashechudo

Watercolour paper cacti with template from Think Make Share and instructions here.

Source: Think Make Share

Paper Mache Cacti on Styrofoam piece by Design Sponge.

Source: Design Sponge

Simple paper cactus by Henrietta & Clementine.

Source: Henrietta & Clementine

9. Fork pattern

Use a fork to paint over the cactus cut-out to represent the needle-like leaves.

Source: Preschool playbook
Source: Preschool playbook

10. Using wire from old clothes hanger

Unwind them, then twist and turn it into cactus. Then, add some ribbons to represent the spines. Pretty, aren’t they?

Source: The Jungalow