NASA – A Human Adventure exhibition is going on at ArtScience Museum at Marina Bay Sands Singapore. This is the last week of the exhibition and they’re having a special 1-for-1 promotion to celebrate its closure. The last day to catch this exhibit is 19 March!

NASA Offer.jpg

The little ones will be exited as they can transform into astronaut with this costume provided for the younger audience.



So, what can you expect at the exhibition? The exhibition has 6 Galleries.

The first gallery shows the the first geniuses, which include many writers and artists who share their visions about exploring space, through writing or arts. This is pivotal in inspiring others to explore the space.


The next exhibit is about space race between USA and Soviet Union.


Then visitors move to the next gallery, Pioneers. Here, visitors will learn more about the pioneers of space exploration and technological achievement in the early years. From this part onward, most of the exhibits on display are replica, 1:1 scale or smaller, but there are also some actual item too, like this Jupiter Nose Cone.

In the 1950s, the U.S Army launched experimental nose cones carrying animals like mice and monkeys into low orbits of the Earth. These cones were key milestones in developing future space crafts for manned space flights capable of re-entering Earth’s atmosphere.

The next gallery is Endurance. Exhibits in this gallery shows how astronauts can survive in hostile environment in space. Visitors can learn more about high-tech equipment, space suit and even food!

IMG_20170307_170611.jpgApollo and Skylab A7LB Spacesuit

The next gallery, Innovation, looks at the development of ideas from technology used by pioneers to evolving to complex advanced assemblies like the Space Shuttle and International Space Station.

Lastly, the one most visitors are excited about… G-Force Astronaut Trainer Ride.

IMG_20170307_171331Take a trip to space and back and experience what it feels like to be an astronaut. Each ride is $6.

The “carriage” can take up to 4 pax per ride. There are 2 compartments, with 2 pax on each side. It goes quite fast but trust me, it’s not as bad as rollercoaster ride, so do give it a go!

That’s all for NASA –  A Human Adventure exhibition and I hope you do catch it before it ends on 19 March, Sun!