Hi everyone, I’m Huda, the admin of this page. A very brief introduction about myself- I’m a Science educator currently on post-grad studies.

I created this page as part of a project for a web presence project for a module, “Science Communication and the Web”. Concerned with reports of Singapore as a tuition nation (Tan, 2014; Teng, 2015), and family regretting lack of quality time for parent-child bonding (Ong-Loh, 2014), I conceptualise and created this page.

I hope, F.E.S.T can be a platform to share ideas on activities that parents can do with their children, at the same time incorporating some elements of science education. It aims to promote family cohesiveness and making learning fun.

I know this may seem like just something for my project, but in the long run, what I hope to see is a community of hands-on parents supporting each other in imparting knowledge to their children.

I’ll end with a quote from Dr Theresa Lu, head of early childhood education at SIM University, “Parents should spend quality time with children doing things such as reading stories, going outdoors and playing games.Children learn language and concepts in maths and science through such activities” (Tan, 2014).

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