5 Sea-themed activities for young children

1. Shoe box aquarium

Shoe box aquarium using template from Mocomi.
Shoe box aquarium using template from Mocomi.

It’s a simple craft activity that requires a shoe box, string, papers and colouring materials. Mocomi provides template of sea animals and plants, which means, you’ll just need to just print, cut and colour them.

You can also add pebbles and shells.
Source: Huggies, Australia

Another variation is to make 3D fishes using styrofoam balls.
Source: MollyMoo

2. Jellyfish in a bottle

Source: PBS Parents

Create jellyfish in a bottle using plastic. Check out the instructions here or watch the video below to find out how.

3. Sensory bin

Create a sensory bin with rocks, pebbles, shells and sea creature toys. All you need is a water container and stuff to fill it with.

Water container
Materials to fill the bin

Read here for  a parent’s experience with the ocean sensory bin.

4. Fishing Game

Have a fun game with your child with magnetic fishing. Kidspot provides a template and instruction for you to create one.

5. Sock-topus

Create octopus using a piece of sock. The Gold Jelly Bean provides detailed instructions on how to make one.

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